bab 16

29 Jun

2. What are the two parts of a compound term?
a Functor and and an ordered list of parameters

7. What are the forms of Horn clauses?

They have either a single atomic proposition on the left side or an empty left side.

8. What is the basic concept of declarative semantics?

there is a simple way to determine the meaning of each statement,
and it does not depend on how the statement might be used to solve a problem

9. What does it mean for a language to be nonprocedural?

nonprocedural means that the characteristics of
the solution are given but the complete process
of getting the solution is not.

11. What is an uninstantiated variable?

A variable that doesn’t have a value is said to
be “uninstantiated”

13. What is a conjunction?

Conjunctions contain multiple terms that are separated by logical AND


5. Write the following English conditional statements as Prolog headed
Horn clauses:
a. If Fred is the father of Mike, then Fred is an ancestor of Mike.
b. If Mike is the father of Joe and Mike is the father
of Mary, then Mary is the sister of Joe.
c. If Mike is the brother of Fred and Fred is the
father of Mary, then Mike is the uncle of Mary.

a. ancestor(fred,mike) C father(fred,mike)
b. sister(mary,joe) C father(mike,joe) ^ father(mike,mary)
c. uncle(mike,mary) C brother(mike,fred) ^ father(fred,mary)

10. Find a good source of information on Skolem normal form and write a
brief but clear explanation of it.

skolem normal form is where a variable is replaced with a function of another variable
for the the sake of making the statement more simple.


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