bab 15

29 Jun

1. Define functional form, simple list, bound variable, and referential transparency.
a.functional form, is one that either takes one or more functions as parameters or
yields a function as its result, or both
b.bound variables have several valuable applications in programming
c.referential transparency is the execution of a function always produces the same
result when given the same parameters

2. What does a lambda expression specify?
parameters and the mapping of a function

3. What data types were parts of the original LISP?
original LISP is typeless language

4. In what common data structure are LISP lists normally stored?
list structure

5. Explain why QUOTE is needed for a parameter that is a data list.
To avoid evaluating a parameter

6. What is a simple list?
problem of membership of a given atom in a given list that does not include

7. What does the abbreviation REPL stand for?
read-evaluate-print loops

8. What are the three parameters to IF?
a predicate expression, a then expression, and an else expression

9. What are the differences between =, EQ?, EQV?, and EQUAL?
EQ? ->works for symbolic atoms but does not necessarily work for numeric atoms
EQV? ->which works on both numeric and symbolic atoms
EQUAL?->works on any pair of expressions, not just lists

11. What are the two forms of DEFINE?
a.(DEFINE symbol expression)
b.(DEFINE (square number) (* number number))

problem set

susah pak gak ngerti.. nanti saya cari..


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