(True) chapter 2. problem set

8 Mar

25.give a brief general description of the java servlet.

A servlet is a Java programming language class used to extend the capabilities of a server.

24. why, in your opinion, do new scripting language appear more frequently than a new compiled language?

because, imo, scripting language have more user. ranging from whoever who want to express themselves in the internet to whoever who want to open business. while compiled languages are used only by IT people.

15.are there any procedural programming languages other than Prolog?

yes there is. a lot. here here
Object Pascal (Delphi)

13.what are argument both for and against the idea of a typeless language?

The advantage of a typeless language is flexibility; any variable can be filled with,virtually, any
type values.
but. Typeless language has poor reliability due to the ease with which type errors
can be made, coupled wiht the impossibility of type checking detecting them.

22.explain two reasons why pure interpretation is an acceptable implementation method for several recent scripting languages.

Interpretation generally provides a better description of run-time errors than
is possible in compiled languages, since the interpreter can easily identify
the line in which the error occurs and possibly point out the problem.

no time is spent compiling the source code, which is helpful not only in debugging but
also in teaching beginning programmers, so they can see how small changes
affect their programs.

12.describe, in your own words, the incorporation of procedural and non procedural features in programming language design.

procedural feature is a must. because when the program must have a direction. non procedural feature is just like a shortcut.


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