ok.. it’s the problem set..(chapter 1)

7 Mar

2.who said to be the first programmer in human history.

Ada Lovely.. no, i mean. Ada Lovelace.. yes it’s her. the end. bur problem set are not like that.. so.
she translate the transcript that she get from her lecturer.(from french(?) to english) and she translate it. with algorithm(and friends). and now she is recognized as the first programmer in human history. although it never test since computer engine is non-existence during that time.(but it’s super cool).

3. what is the disadvantage of multiple programming language?

multiple programming language. while good in covering each other weakness. has a downside. that mean a program script,from one language, is not portable to other language(well, at least not without some tweak)

6.which characteristics of programming languages do you think are the most important, and why?

it’s simplicity. because simplicity will attract more not-yet a programmer and add more potential to the growth of the programming language.

12.can we call any programming language complete in your opinion? why or why not?

yes and no. depending on from what perspective we see it.
if it from the never-ending demand of man. well.. it will never be completed.
if it from what the producer want to achieve. maybe it already complete.

13. was the first high level programming language you learned implemented with a pure interpreter,a hybrid implementation system, or a compiler?

it’s a compiler (wow.. what a joke..)


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