chapter 2. concept. review question

7 Mar

69.where are .jsp files executed?

on a Web sever system.

68. to what is a JSP document converted by a JSP processor?

JSP document are converted to a servlet.

67.what element of the JSTL is related to a subprogram?


66.what is the output of an XSLT processor?


65.what are the inputs to an XSLT processor?

XML data document and XSLT data document.

64.what is the primary platform o which C# is used?

microsoft’s windows.

63.what deficiency of the switch statement of C is addresses with the
changes made by C# to that statement?

C# has a static semantics rule that disallows the implicit execution of
more than one segment

62.what feature of Delphi’s classes is included in C#?

inheritance. Lua normally compiled, purely interpreted, or impurely interpreted?

impurely interpreted. does Java provide storage deallocation?

Java uses implicit storage deallocation, called garbage collection.

59.what characteristic of Ruby’s arithmetic operators makes them unique
among those of otherr languages?

the operators in Ruby are only syntatic mechanism to specify method calls
for the corresponding operations what year was plankalkul designed?
in what year was that design published?

it’s designed in 1945.
it’s published in 1972.

3. what does plankalkul mean?

program calculus.

22. on what language was COBOL based?

ALGOL 60. what year did the COBOL design process begin?


7. who developed the speedcoding system for IBM701?

John Backus

53.what two languages was the original version of Perl meant to replace?

sh and awk.

54.for what application area is JavaScript most widely used?

web browser.


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