chapter 1. concept. review question

7 Mar

30.what are the advantage of borland jbuilder?

-Improve code quality and performance
-Increase individual and team productivity
-Improve comprehension of new or existing code

29.what is hybrid implementation system?

Hybrid Implementation System the combination of compilation and interpretation

28.what is the utility of bytecode?

bytecode is used to reduce hardware and operating system dependence by
allowing the same code to run on different platforms.

27.what role does symbol table play in compiler?

symbol table act as the database.

26. which produce faster program execution, a compiler or a pure interpreter?

a compiler is faster. because a pure interpreter take 10 to 100 times time
than compiler. because decoding in interpreter is far more complex than
machine language instruction in compiler.

25.what are 3 general methods of implementing a programming language?

-pure interpretation
-hybrid system implemantation

24.what is an example of two language design criteria that are
in direct conflict with each other?

reliability and cost of execution.

23. what language was the first to support the three fundamental features
of object oriented programming?

Smalltalk is.

22. what is the three fundamental features of an object-oriented programming

-data abstraction
-adds inheritance
-dynamic method binding

21.what 2 programming languagedeficiencies were discovered as a result
of the research in software development in the 1970s?

-incompleteness of type checking
-inadequency of control statements


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