16 Jan

__(T)___ 1. Data is a collection of unprocessed items, which can include text, numbers, images, audio, and video. (514)

__(T)___ 2. A database management system allows users to create forms and reports from the data in the database. (515)

__(F)___ 3. A range check ensures users enter only numeric data in a field. (523)

__(T)___ 4. A check digit often confirms the accuracy of a primary key value. (523)

__(F)___ 5. Databases require less memory, storage, and processing power than a file processing system. (526)

__(F)___ 6. A report is a window on the screen that provides areas for entering or modifying data in a database. (530)

__(T)___ 7. Continuous backup is a backup plan in which all data is backed up whenever a change is made. (532)

__(T)___ 8. A relationship is a link within the data in a database. (533)

__(F)___ 9. Normalization is a process designed to ensure the data within the relations (tables) is duplicated so that it is not lost. (534)

__(T)___ 10. The data in a distributed database exists in many separate locations throughout a network or the Internet. (536)

1. __(B)___ information has an age suited to its use. (516)
a. Organized
b. Timely
c. Cost-effective
d. Verifiable

2. In some tables, the primary key consists of multiple
fields, called a __(A)___. (519)
a. composite key
b. secondary key
c. key field
d. column

3. __(D)___ procedures include adding records to, modifying
records in, and deleting records from a file. (520)
a. Backup
b. Range check
c. Validation
d. File maintenance

4. A range check __(B)___. (523)
a. ensures that users enter only alphabetic data into a field
b. determines whether a number is within a specified range
c. ensures that users enter only numeric data into a field
d. verifies that a required field contains data

5. All of the following are strengths of the database
approach, except __(A)___. (525)
a. less complexity
b. improved data integrity
c. easier access
d. reduced development time

6. Because the __(B)___ contains details about data, some
call it metadata (meta means more comprehensive). (528)
a. data mart
b. data dictionary
c. data modeler
d. data warehouse

7. Many organizations adopt the __(B)___ policy, where users’
access privileges are limited to the lowest level necessary
to perform required tasks. (531)
a. golden rule
b. principle of least privilege
c. principle of highest access
d. least order

8. The database analyst (DA) __(A)___. (538)
a. decides on the proper placement of fields
b. creates and maintains the data dictionary
c. monitors the performance of the database
d. checks backup and recovery procedures

_____ 1. field name (518)e. uniquely identifies each field

_____ 2. field size (518)g. defines the maximum number of characters a field can contain

_____ 3. data type (518)c. specifies the kind of data a field can contain and how the field is used

_____ 4. primary key (519)b. field that uniquely identifies each record in a file

_____ 5. query language (528)j. consists of simple, English-like statements that allow users to specify the
data to display, print, or store

_____ 6. log (532)a. listing of activities that modify the contents of a database

_____ 7. recovery utility (532)i. uses the logs and/or backups to restore a database when it becomes
damaged or destroyed

_____ 8. GIS (534)d. database that stores maps and other geographic data

_____ 9. data modeler (538)h. person who focuses on the meaning and usage of data

_____ 10. database administrator(538)f. creates and maintains the data dictionary, manages security of the database,
monitors the performance of the database, and checks backup and recovery

1. What is validation? Validation is the process of comparing data
with a set of rules or values to find out if the data
is correct.

What are five types of validity checks? Alphabetic Check
Numeric Check
Range Check
Consistency Check
Completeness Check

2. Why is data redundancy a weakness of file processing systems?Duplicating data in this manner wastes
resources such as storage space and people’s time.
Data redundancy also can increase the chance of errors.

Why is isolated data a weakness of file processing systems? because it is complicated to process data from multiple,seperate files.

3. What is the database approach? sharing data from multiple user in one same database.
Describe five strengths of the database approach. -Reduced Data Redundancy
-Improved Data Integrity
-Shared Data
-Easier Access
-Reduced Development Time

4. Describe how you might use a Simple Query Wizard. -Step 1
Select the fields from the Available Fields list you want to be displayed
in the resulting query.
-Step 2
Assign a name to the query, so that you can open it later.
-Step 3
View the query results on the screen.

What is query by example? query by example (QBE), a feature that has a graphical
user interface to assist users with retrieving data.

5. What are the advantages of object-oriented databases? they can store more types of data, access this data faster,
and allow programmers to reuse objects.

Describe four examples of object-oriented databases. hyper-text database, computer-aided database, groupware database, multimedia database.


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